Nuritional advice by Vitafuzion.

Vitafuzion has partnered up with Juanita Singh  – a Registered Dietitian to bring you nutritional advice directly to your home and family. After all, a healthy lifestyle is about consistency and maintenance and although your monthly infusions contribute to your overall health and well-being, long-term lifestyle changes are required to live your best life, sustain weight loss and extend your lifespan.



Step 1

Our dietician will do an Anthropometric measurement ie height weight and centimeter measurements.


Step 2

A food history and frequency audit will take place – here assessments aim to assist Juanita in calculating kilojoules being consumed and what kilojoules will eventually be required. Chronic medication as well as macro and micro nutrient consumptions will also be assessed. 

Your weight and any existing medical conditions will also be addressed – such as diabetes, cholesterol, food allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, etc.  Your cultural and religious eating patterns will also be taken into account


Step 3: 

An intense discussion around food will take place and, with your permission, Juanita will go through your grocery cupboard with you.


Step 4:

Dietary guidelines will be issued during your consultation followed by a meal plan which will be emailed to you as this needs to be calculated and individually planned. Should you also require individualised recipes – these will be sent to you at this stage too


Step 5:

Routine follow-ups will take place to monitor weight loss, exercise routines and take measurements.


Juanita holds a Bachelor of Science and Honours degree in Dietetics from the University of KwaZulu Natal. Since 2006, she has been practicing as a Clinical Dietitian at the Ahmed Kathrada and Milpark Private Hospitals.

Prior to private practice, she has been employed as Senior Dietitian at the South African Defense Force and State Sector Hospitals.

Her keen areas of professional interests are weight loss, gastrointestinal diseases, oncology, trauma ICU, stroke, metabolic conditions, nephrology and paediatric dietetics.

Amongst her private practice work, she is involved in writing articles for various magazines in the health sections, providing health education talks to various charity groups, schools and colleagues. Presented specialised dietetic talks and workshops to colleagues. She has also appeared on SABC Morning Live a few years ago to discuss weight loss and healthy eating habits.  

She is passionate about dietetics as a tool to promote good nutrition and health to help manage or avoid the burden of disease.

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