Q: Are there any trained medical practitioners present in case a person reacts badly to the IV Vitamin Therapy Treatment drip?

A: The wellness clinic sisters are registered nurses who are trained to deal with any adverse event.

Q: I live outside Johannesburg can I still book an IV Vitamin Therapy Treatment?

A: Of course. We have a Dischem call centre line you can call to book for any treatments outside Johannesburg. The number is 086 111 7427.

Q: What are the prices of your various IV Vitamin Therapy products?

A: Please click on this link to view all our products and prices.

Q: How can I book for the mobile clinic?

A: Please click on this link to view all our products and prices.A: You can book for the mobile clinic service on our website by clicking on this link.  A reminder that the mobile service is only available in Johannesburg.

Q: Does Vitafuzion accept medical aid?

A: No, unfortunately we do not accept medical aid.

Q: Is IV Vitamin therapy safe?

A: No, unfortunately we do not accept medical aid.A: Yes it is safe when administered by a registered nurse in a safe and sterile environment. All our products have been thoroughly researched and developed by a team of leading medical doctors and nutritionists. However, there can always be a risk of a hypersensitivity reaction.

Q: How often should I book for the treatment?

A: This varies with different people. Some people book for twice a month and some opt to go once a month. It all depends on…

Q: Is IV Vitamin therapy safe for pregnant women?

A: Unfortunately we have not yet tested the safety of IV Vitamin Therapy on pregnant or lactating mothers.

Q: Do you have a remedy for a hangover?

A: The Myers Cocktail includes IV hydration, vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants. It is useful for many chronic medical conditions, dehydration, and curing/preventing hangovers.

Q: Which treatment will work best for me?

A: We have a screening process that helps us determine which IV Vitamin therapy is best for you.

Q: How many sessions are required to notice skin benefits?

A: One needs to bear in mind that everyone’s body is different but from our experience, the recommended infusion protocol is a total of 4 sessions whereby one infusion of either lux or luminance done once a week for the first four. If finances are strained, then we recommend that one does the infusion every 10th day or every second week in between session, thereafter one can do monthly sessions. In some rare instances, some clients require 10 session to be done weekly in order to see results.

Q: Can you consume alcohol after having an infusion?

It is advisable to wait at least 24 hours before consuming alcohol to experience the full effects of your treatment

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