How to cure lockdown insomnia

Have you been experiencing incredibly vivid dreams lately or struggling to sleep throughout the night? Statistics are showing that insomnia and wrecked sleeping patterns are a symptom of this lockdown period. It is also unsurprising looking at the uncertainty that we are currently experiencing. So how do we naturally curb the sleepless nights?

How COVID-19 has increased insomnia

Research shows that the human brain is exceptionally sensitive to associations. Whether you are mentally aware of it or not, your brain naturally reacts to its surroundings. So naturally, your brain would respond to the uncertainty of the current COVID-19 pandemic and the extended lockdown.

Your brain is wired to remain alert in the face of danger, hence the sleepless nights during this difficult situation. The current pandemic and lockdown are both incredibly difficult realities to acclimatise to! The issue is that this threat to our livelihoods is not exactly tangible. 

Our bodies are able to adjust to sleep when we feel relaxed, calm and have neutralised threats. In this case, however, we have yet to neutralise this threat as concrete solutions yet to be established. Hence our increased anxiety and stress. This level of paranoia and stress has manifested itself in the form of insomnia for many.

Why are our dreams so vivid?

As we mentioned before, your brain is currently reacting to the current global situation. It is either trying to find ways to express this anxiety or looking for means of relief. Most times, this comes in the form of strange dreaming. 

The content and visuals that you consume or interact with daily will contribute to your dreams. This is referred to as ‘dream incorporation’ where the stimuli that we engage with, manifests in our dreams. Our lives have ultimately been turned upside down. This will most likely be reflected in your dreams.

So, if you find yourself struggling to fall asleep or experiencing odd nightmares – you aren’t alone, and this response is relatively expected. But how do we fix this?

Our solutions to curbing insomnia

‘Lockdown’ a new quarantine routine

Routine is crucial, particularly during this time where we are stuck at home. You will need to adjust your routine accordingly in response to your new at-home based lifestyle. Your body also needs you to establish a routine. Set out clear times for work and for sleeping.

We suggest going to bed when you feel tired. Try not to use an alarm to wake up at first. Allow your body time to get that extra sleep that it needs. Eventually, your body will acclimatise and wake up at a normal hour. This means that you have returned to your natural sleep duration.  

Avoid napping

This one’s important. When we feel bored or demotivated, many people choose to nap. This will disrupt your body’s natural clock. Try to designate your evenings for rest. If you are in dire need of a nap, try to keep it to one nap a day that does not extend past the 20-minute mark. This will ensure that you are still tired come bedtime.

Skip out on the caffeine

Okay, we know that this may be a large ask. If you can’t imagine your day without a cup of coffee, we don’t expect you to cut it out cold-turkey. Instead, try it keep the cups of coffee to a minimum. Caffeine is a stimulant meaning that it will have an effect on your sleeping pattern. Switch to tea or decaffeinated coffee where you can.


If possible, keep your sleep and workspace separate

It is human nature to want to work from your bed. In fact, it’s one of the few perks of remote working. This is all fun and games until its time to go to sleep. Your brain will naturally struggle to disassociate work and sleep since they happen in the same space. Try and designate a certain area of your home strictly for work. Leave your bedroom as a space for restoration. This will substantially improve your quality of sleep.

Exercise, exercise and exercise some more

Exercise has been known to have positive effects on sleep patterns. This is particularly relevant when making use of our Full Throttle IV Vitamin drip that will help support you throughout your workout.

It is important to note that vigorous exercise should be done in the early mornings. Doing intense workouts before bed might reduce the duration of your sleep. It will also feel a little more difficult to go back to sleep once you’ve woken up.

Spend some time outside

Your body is always in dire need of some Vitamin D. Make sure to spend some time outdoors taking in some of the sunshine. This will also drastically improve your mood and give your body the nutrient boost that it needs to restorative sleep.

Take a deep breath

It is human nature to become obsessive over the current pandemic. It is also incredibly easy to do so with the current stream of statistics and updates. While this information is available and necessary – do not fixate on it. This will spark panic. You will also most likely end up over-researching ever itch and every sneeze as a result.

Try to limit the amount of time you spend every day doing COVID-19 research. This will help calm and ease your mind.

Make use of the VitaFuzion mobile IV Vitamin service

For those of you that live in the Johannesburg area, making use of our exclusive mobile IV Vitamin service will help you curb your insomnia. Not only will it help you improve the duration of your sleep, but the quality. Our range also plans to this without introducing harmful sleep-inducing chemicals. It is all healthy and natural.

For those living outside of Johannesburg, Dischem Pharmacies, with the help of their on-duty nurses will be able to administer our range to you. Ensuring that you have peaceful and restorative sleep.

Make use of the VitaFuzion CBD oil

As you probably already know, CBD oil is the new craze. Particularly now as individuals look to relieve their issues with insomnia. It is for this very reason that we continue to advocate for CBD oil and Hemp knowledge.

Our CBD range will not only help ease your anxiety but help positively contribute to your sleep patterns by ensuring quality rest. CBD oil helps improve overall sleep by facilitating regular sleep-wake cycles. This oil will also promote restful sleep, leaving you feeling refreshed in the morning. Our range can also be delivered right to your doorstep during this nationwide lockdown!


While it is currently uncertain what post-quarantine life may look like, or whether or not the lockdown will be extended, many of us crave a little more control. Why not be in charge of your own sleeping patterns to ensure that you remain safe, well-rested and healthy. Improving sleep and putting an end to lockdown insomnia is as simple as tapping here.