Get Out to Get Fit: The benefits of outdoor exercise

Are you tired of the monotonous thud of your feet against the treadmill belt? Eager to escape the hamster wheel of your mundane gym workout? Then it’s clear – you need to upgrade your existing workout regime and opt-in for the benefits of an outdoor exercise session. 

Trading in the rubber belt for the open road can have amazing physical, mental and emotional advantages. Besides being free of charge, exercising outdoors can be an amazing change of pace for anyone tired of seeing the four walls of their gym. 

The change in scenery, fresh air, smells and outdoor sounds can certainly enhance and make for a fun workout. Whether you’re into running, cycling, climbing or a Sunday yoga session in the park – here are a few reasons why you may want to consider working out in the great outdoors: 


Mood Enhancement

Spending time outside, in general, is known to improve your mood and help alleviate symptoms relating to anxiety and depression. If you think about it, there’s something about the green trees and the sun on your face that brings a feeling of gratitude to your day. Now, top that off with a hearty dose of endorphins, that are naturally produced when exercising, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for happiness. 

Additionally, sunlight is known to increase your serotonin levels (your mood affecting hormone) – the cherry on top of a feel-good workout! 


Vitamin D is free! 

It may be free, but ironically – we don’t get enough of it! We just don’t have the time – between work, the commute, and…the gym, we rarely get to soak up this important vitamin. 

Vitamin D helps with: 

  • The regulation of calcium for healthy bones 
  • Lowering the risk of flu 
  • Improving your  mood 
  • Healing of wounds
  • Decreasing the severity of muscle pains


Boost to your immune system 

The chances of picking up an infection at the gym are much greater than the chance of contracting something outdoors. Think of all the equipment and machines getting handled by so many people. 

On the other hand, plants produce airborne chemicals called phytoncides, known to increase the amount of white blood cells in our bodies. This helps us fight off infection and disease. 

Whether you prefer to workout indoors or outdoors, our Full Throttle IV Vitamin drip offers a supercharge to your immune system as well as being packed with micronutrients that will protect and keep you energized throughout your training session.


Its’s a lot more fulfilling 

Although it is important to want to look good, the focus we put on the appearance of our bodies can have a negative mental impact. When we’re surrounded by mirrors as well as other gym-goers, the aim of exercise becomes very much about our physical appearance, as opposed to your overall health.  

When we’re performing outdoor activities such as cycling, climbing or running, it becomes less about appearance and more about the enjoyment of increased health benefits – giving you a more rounded sense of well-being. This also makes you more likely to work harder and keep up with your exercise regimes. 


More gain, less pain

With an ever-changing terrain, the body works harder in order to adapt to new and exciting surfaces. This enhances the strength of your connective tissue. This in turn will help to prevent injuries. When the body is prone to repeating the same constant patterns, the monotony of muscle movement leads to overuse – hence, injury.  

Look, you may prefer to stick to your indoor gym sessions, and if they work for you – great! But for those of you who are looking to swap out your view of muscles and machines, for fresh air and green trees— it may be time to move that workout outdoors! Whatever your preference –make sure you’re supporting your exercise regime with the right nutrients and vitamins! 

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