Unpacking the practice of mindfulness

It is no secret that health and happiness work hand-in-hand. Finding new and inventive ways to stay committed to this journey is often where the challenge lies. Holistic wellness, therefore, begins with challenging both your body and mind in new ways every day. It is also about establishing better communication between you and your body; and what better way to achieve this synergy than through the practice of mindfulness? Combining this with our essential IV Vitamin drips will help you explore a new avenue of self-care.


Mindfulness – more than a wellness fad

Let’s face it – we know that the thought of meditational practises isn’t for everyone. Mindfulness can be tough. Clearing your mind of thoughts? Staying conscious of your breath? Remaining still for a certain amount of time? It can all be incredibly daunting. But the benefits outweigh these worries. Mindfulness is far from its fad-like status or prescribed wellness gimmick label. It deserves all of the attention it gets, and we intend on proving it to you.


What is mindfulness?

To put it simply, mindfulness is a form of meditation. This soothing practise is based on individuals becoming intensely aware of their senses and feelings. All thoughts are meant to be relinquished without any judgement.

Contrary to popular belief there is no fixed destination with mediation. It is rather about finding a headspace that allows you to feel free, relaxed and grounded. Mindfulness, therefore, relies on various breathing techniques, imagery and complementary sounds to help ease the body and mind. Mindfulness does, however, go beyond meditation. It is about intent. Being more intentional with what you put into your body and the thoughts that ultimately dictate your actions. 

Making choices that prioritise your wellbeing are therefore equally an act of mindfulness. It is all about finding a routine that caters to your mental and physical needs. Taking a five-minute breather in your car in the morning is a form of meditation. Going on an evening stroll is mind-conscious action. Meditative practices are personal – you do what works for you. The aim here is to dedicate time to yourself in a healthy and enriching manner.


IV Vitamin infusions: the sidekick to successful mindful practices

We all know that vitamins are crucial to our daily nutritional needs. But did you know that they are essential in the practice of mindfulness? As with meditation, our entire range looks to help you meet your optimum health level. Mindfulness will ensure that you remain in tune with the needs of your body, by establishing communication channels. Our infusions will then provide you with the correct dosage of those vital needs.

Mindfulness empowers you to notice triggers that may arise that normally drive harmful bodily reactions. VitaFuzion’s range acts to combat these symptoms. Using these together will help support your body through its biological processes and help you meet your ideal health equilibrium.


Benefits of mindfulness and IV Vitamin drips

  •         Strengthens mental health
  •         Eases feelings of anxiety
  •         Improves mental and physical wellbeing
  •         Improves concentration
  •         Contributes to higher sleep quality
  •         Restores emotional balance
  •         Improves bodily processes


Tap here for a beginner’s guide to mindfulness. Click here to complete your wellness journey by booking your regular IV Vitamin drip.