The ultimate 12-month health and wellness guide

2020 is the start of a brand-new decade and we have decided to dedicate this year to health and wellness. This is a year worthy of motivation, inspiration and health-enhanced experiences. To completely revel in this fresh start, we have come up with an extensive monthly guide. Each month is dedicated to ensuring the nourishment of your body, mind and soul.


January – Detox Cleanse

Now we know that for many, Christmas wellness routines didn’t go exactly to plan. It’s the festive season after all. Instead of harbouring over all of last month’s overindulgences look towards the future – a revitalising detox. Use this month to get rid of unwanted toxins. Cleanse your digestive tract and embrace the new you. Give your body the A-list treatment that it deserves!

Our Nutri-Vice division will help you reassess your relationship with food. Ensuring that your cleanse focuses on embracing a more holistic approach. This intensive programme will have your body and mind feeling fresher, lighter and rejuvenated. 

We also suggest making use of our IV Vitamin therapy drips that are packed with Glutathione, that will help rejuvenate, restore and replenish healthy cells in the body.

February – Weight loss

It’s time to work up a sweat this February as we dedicate this month to our weight-loss journeys. We are making a long-term change here, so prepare for a major shift. This is going to be our healthiest year yet! So, drop the diet fads, pills and quick-fix weight-loss strategies. We are choosing the more natural, safe and sustainable method of weight-loss. This means curating a tailor-made plan that meets your lifestyle, budget and needs. We suggest making use of our weight-loss IV Vitamin drip here to help kickstart the process!

Let this also be a reminder to be realistic with your weight-loss goals. There is no magic switch that will have you loving kale and outdoor jogging. Weight-loss is a daily commitment, so be patient with your body as it adjusts and acclimatises to your new lifestyle.


March – Digital Detox

Before you go clutching your phone in a panic, hear us out. Both your body and mind deserve a little break from technology in order to reboot. We understand that we live in a digital age, so the entire month isn’t dedicated to completely going off the grid. It is however about being more cognizant of how much time you spend using technology.

Try to take a two-day digital detox this month. This will help you become more present and improve your balance with technology. Digital detoxes help educate and inspire individuals to become more meaningful and mindful. Detaching from technology will drastically improve your life – trust us! Unplug, disconnect and unsubscribe from technological addictions and spend a little more me-time this March.


April – Try a new fun physical activity

There are so many health benefits to physical activities. By simply choosing to live a more active lifestyle you are reducing health risks, fast-tracking your weight-loss and improving your overall mood to name a few. We honestly could dedicate an entire blog to why you need to get active. Instead, we will save you the fitness babble and emphasise that being active is CRUCIAL to your wellbeing.

This April, we are getting involved in at least one physical activity. Now, this isn’t just for the month of April. Try to keep this going for the entire year. Whether it’s Pilates, rock climbing or your local tennis club. The aim here is to get yourself moving and increasing that heart rate. Remember to choose an activity that matches your fitness level, schedule and accessibility. Try our Full-Throttle IV Vitamin drip that is perfect for those on the move!

May – M for Mindfulness

May is dedicated to various mindful practices. This month is about experiencing harmony and synergy between your body and mind. Find balance by increasing your sense of care and well-being.

For those that are a little more sceptical of mindful teachings, try being more intentional in your life. with what you eat, how you treat others and most importantly how you speak to yourself. We often forget to take cognisance of the tone that we use when speaking to ourselves. So, be intentional this month, especially when following this monthly guide. Do it with vigour, passion and intention. This will also help hone in your more holistic approach to life.


June – Assess those winter eating habits

Winter always brings about cold weather fronts, chilly breezes and frosty nights. This is often accompanied by heavy soups, warm pastries and sweetened hot drinks to keep us warm and toasty. The issue is that we forget how indulgent these treats are, as they are packed with calories and high sugar contents.

This month, as well as the remainder of the winter, try switching up your winter eating habits. Instead of instant oats, switch to stovetop oats that aren’t packed with sugar. For the soup-lovers, choose a broth-based soup instead of the heavy-cream options. Try to also limit your sodium intake and opt for healthier fats like avocados or olive oil.

Try out our Full Throttle IV Vitamin drip that will kickstart your immunity. This is particularly important during these colder months. 


July – Treat yourself to a little weekend getaway

We are officially giving you permission to take a little self-love weekend away. If January is a time of resolutions, then July is a celebration of these resolutions! And it’s time to take a break from your hard work.

Take a weekend out this month to go and explore your area. We live in a diverse, culturally rich country and its time you explored it. Discover the inherent charm, sights and character of your area by embarking on a little adventure. This will leave you feeling inspired and with a brand-new perspective of your city. Local travelling promises to satisfy your well-being needs.

Don’t forget to book your Luminance IV Vitamin drip at least 2 days before your trip to ensure that holiday glow!


August – Get some rest!

For the insomniacs of the world, this may seem like a difficult month but it’s necessary. This month we are putting an end to fuelling sleepless nights. Although we are in a society that sees rest as an indulgence, it really is a priority. Did you know that there are over 70 types of sleeping disorders?

Rest should remain at the top of your to-do list. We also understand that this may be difficult for some. Try to dedicate this upcoming weekend to rest. It is necessary as rest lowers blood pressure and improves cardiovascular health. Take time out this month to switch off and take that much-deserved break.

Our Magnesium-packed IV Vitamin drips will help encourage restful sleep, so make sure to regularly book a session with this calming therapy drip!


September – Spring skincare

After months of frigid temperatures, dry indoor air and exposure to the harsh cold, your skin is definitely ready for a new seasonal skincare routine. Say goodbye to dreary, drab and dry skin and hello to your new hydrated Spring glow!

It is finally time to transition out of your intensive winter skincare routine into your Spring renewal routine. Winter is often a difficult season for our skin to adjust to. The combination of dry air and low humidity drastically extracts moisture from your skin. This can lead to bleeding, redness, peeling and cracking. Great skin starts with good nutrition. It really is as simple as that. Employing a routine that nourishes your body will help you radiate that natural glow. We recommend booking a VitaFuzion Luminance IV Vitamin drip. This drip will help you radiate that glow from the inside out!


October – Mental health check

Did you know that October is Mental Health Awareness Month? The objective is to continue to educate individuals about mental health and the stigmas associated with it. So, to commemorate this month we are doing a mental health check. This means examining your work life, personal life and the wellness programmes that you have put in place this year.

This is also a friendly reminder to speak up and seek help should you feel the need for support. Mental health checks are also a stark reminder to check in on your loved ones and those closest to you. Sometimes all it takes is someone asking how you are and gently reminding those that they are loved and appreciated.


November – Shop (and support) local

Did you know that VitaFuzion is a 100% proudly South African brand?

November is, therefore, a great time to start shopping local. Following your IV Vitamin drip session, head over to your nearest farmer’s market. Indulge in the variety of locally sourced goods and treats this November. Not only will this save you a few bucks but increase the nutritional value of your food. Skip out on the mass-produced fruits and veggies and let your local farmers dazzle you. This month, we are, therefore, shopping and supporting local producers. We are also introducing more organic produce to our diets!


December – A Time of Self-reflection

This is the time of the year to look back on the last 11 months and reflect on what you have learnt. About your body, mind and overall wellbeing. What are your emotional, nutritional and physical needs? How have you grown? How has this wellness plan helped navigate your life in the direction of self-love and self-care? Take this timeout to also show gratitude – for the year that you have had and how your body and mind have gotten you through.

We suggest journaling all of your thoughts down in a diary. This way you can look back on your achievements and places for improvement. This will also be a great activity to continue in the New Year. You will, therefore, be able to look back on the progress that you had made over the previous year.


Make 2020 the best year yet by employing this month-to-month wellness guide. We guarantee that you will see an improvement in your day-to-day life as you actively choose to prioritise yourself this year and future years to come.