How vitamins and time coincide

You have just finished your VitaFuzion IV Vitamin therapy session and awaiting its plethora of benefits to start. But have you ever wondered how time and vitamins coincide? Or when the optimal time for certain nutrients, antioxidants and minerals to showcase their benefits are? We explore all of the nutrients in our range of IV Vitamin drips and decipher when their benefits will help you most.


Understanding how time and vitamins coincide

Statistics continue to prove that the average person does not receive enough nutrients. Fortunately, supplements fulfil this nutritional gap. It is important to note that vitamins break down differently for everyone. For the most part, however, the effectiveness of nutrients is dependent on the health of your gut, metabolism and liquid intake. 

Although our entire range is specifically curated to start working its magic with a 24 hour period, you will especially feel certain vitamins and minerals kick in at specific times of the day. This will provide your body with nutritional support to get you through your busy day. Keep reading to find out when your body will be leaning on certain vitamins throughout the day and how our range of IV Vitamin drips will contribute to this support. 


Vitamin B-Complex: Early morning

For starters, it is important to note the following: Vitamin B-complex is an umbrella term for many B vitamins. This includes B1, B2, B3 and B12 to name a few. These supplements will help you through your morning routine. This is due to their stress-busting and energy-boosting properties. As a natural mood enhancer, Vitamin B-Complex will help you get your day started. This ensures that future carbohydrates and fats that are had during the day are converted into energy sources thanks to our IV Vitamin drips.


Vitamin C: Mid-day

Vitamin C is also known as an antioxidant powerhouse. This is because of its ability to improve healing of all kinds. Vitamin C found in our range of IV Vitamin drips and will showcase its benefits during the day. This Vitamin will work tirelessly to help improve your immunity. This is particularly necessary as you spend time outdoors exposed to numerous bacteria and viruses. Vitamin C will also increase your cognitive functioning throughout the day by improving concentration and memory during your working hours.  


Magnesium: Evening

The Magnesium found in our IV Vitamin drips has an array of benefits that range from pain relief to stronger joints and improved sleep. Although incredibly helpful during the day, magnesium is most effective at night just before bed. The benefits of Magnesium, therefore, increase tenfold as this supplement acts as a natural sleeping aid. Magnesium will help decrease anxiety and help calm the mind. This will help relax the nervous system; helping your body prepare for restorative sleep. 

Bonus? It will also help regulate your bowels whilst you sleep. This supplement is crucial as it also acts to activate repairment processes.


Calcium: Evening

We know that when you think of Calcium you immediately think of kids. But adults need Calcium too! Especially women that are going through menopause. 

Much like Magnesium, the benefits of Calcium are particularly seen during the evening. Calcium aids in ensuring that you get restful sleep. This supplement will also increase digestion and relieve your body of gastric distress while you rest. Throughout the day, however, the Calcium found in our IV Vitamin drips will act to ensure that your heart, muscles and nerves are protected. 


Collagen: Early morning

Collagen is adored for its ability to replenish, hydrate and rejuvenate skin. This protein will help retain your skin’s natural buoyancy; giving you a dewy and youthful glow. 

The Collagen supplement that has been added to our range, will most helpful during your morning beauty routine. This is perfect as drastic improvements to your hair, nails and skin will be seen. It will also help with inflammatory support if you are prone to a more inflamed face in the morning. 

With our busy lifestyles, supplement scheduling can become tedious and overall disruptive. This is where our IV Vitamin therapy sessions come in. With an advanced blend of the above-mentioned nutrients, our IV Vitamin drips are packed with various supplements that are activated at various times of the day. This ensures that all supplements work at their optimal level at their peak times. So you don’t have to worry about the relationship between time and vitamins – the IV Vitamin dips do all the work!

Skip the supplement stress by clicking here and booking your IV Vitamin session now; where our range will actively provide you with support throughout the day!