VitaFuzion predicts the top health and wellness trends for 2020

1.       Getting some Zzz’s

When it comes to health and wellness trends, sleep always comes first. Sleep deprivation is a public health epidemic that has continued to wreak havoc for decades. 2020 is therefore all about putting an end to rest-shaming. The idea that sleep is an indulgence is an outdated and problematic mindset that looks to be challenged this year. Not only will a lack of sleep affect your physical appearance, but your cognitive functioning and mental health.

Combat your sleeping issues this year by employing various sleep-inducing strategies. One of which being VitaFuzion IV Vitamin drips. This form of vitamin therapy is packed with Magnesium that is a known natural sleeping aid. This will help calm the mind before bed and help achieve more restorative rest. So, make sure that 2020 is all about getting in more sleep – you honestly deserve it!


2.       Home workouts

The future of fitness no longer lies in overcrowded gyms and in-studio training. It’s all about convenience, privacy and a budget-friendly approach to exercising. And what better way to achieve this than with at-home fitness routines? The home is often seen as a sanctuary for personal restoration, so creating a space for health and fitness only seems fitting.

Burn calories, increase strength and build your endurance all in the comfort of your home. And with various fitness-related blogs, YouTube videos and phone apps to download, it is very much possible. Commit to exercising in a space that is comfortable, flexible and versatile. 2020 is the year of making your fitness routines personal and most importantly sustainable.

Looking to get the most out of your home workout? Book a session with our Full Throttle IV Vitamin drip. This Vitamin therapy treatment will increase energy, endurance and alleviate muscle fatigue. You will also see a substantial decrease in your recovery time.            


3.       CBD oil is in the spotlight

There is no doubt when it comes to the inevitable rise of Cannabidiol (CBD). Particularly in the South African market. The local health and wellness industry is becoming saturated with CBD-rich products. From balms to drips and beauty ranges to name a few. The ability for this natural oil to improve cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation and provide pain relief adds to its current popularity. It really is dominating wellness trends at the moment!

Cannabis oil is one of the most superior ways of administration compared to smoking or vaporising. CBD oil eradicates the possibility of lung irritations and offers a slower and long-lasting release. This is also a viable option for those looking for relief without experiencing mind-altering effects. Click here to see our entire range!


4.       More plant-based diets

Now it is a known fact that cutting down on meat has a variety of benefits. For our own health as well as the environment. With a substantial increase in climate change advocacy, meat alternatives are therefore taking over dietary conversations. The movement towards plant-forward eating has subsequently taken over the markets. Restaurants, retailers and nutritionists alike are embracing this trend and experimenting with more meatless produce. This is especially unsurprising as consumers demand more from the value and taste of these alternatives.

2020 is, therefore, less about following a strict vegan/vegetarian diet. It is about eating food that works for your body without labelling it. Looking to cut down your meat intake but in need of a little help and inspiration? Click here to get in contact with our dietician, Juanita, who will help curate the perfect eating plan for you. Make sure to make use of our IV Vitamin drip range when swapping over to a plant-based diet, to reduce the likelihood of developing deficiencies. 


5.   Emotional wellness goes mainstream

Most wellness and health trends have fixated on physical wellbeing at the expense of emotional wellness. Emotional growth is a never-ending quest that we are sure will dominate 2020. This year we will be spending more time focused on our mental health. In whatever form works best for you. That can be mediation, therapy, gratitude and daily affirmations.

This trend is particularly significant as we see more of mainstream media shedding light on mental health. Opening up this discourse has allowed for many to come forward in the name of support. Tap here to better understand the link between nutrition and mental health.


6.   House calls make a comeback

2020 will see a substantial rollout of home-bound health services. Consulting with medical staff in the comfort of your own space proves to be the current direction of this industry. Not only is it a more suitable option but removes mobility issues associated with healthcare.

VitaFuzion has continued to advocate for easy and convenient medical services. Our mobile IV Vitamin drip service is a stark example of this. This service was originally available in Johannesburg but has since expanded its reach into the Durban region. The aim is to continue to bring nutrition into the comfort of our client’s homes.



7.   Skincare rules 2020

Skincare is the reigning (beauty) queen with it quickly dethroning make-up for the top position. Facial trends are dominating the beauty markets and aren’t planning on slowing down any time soon. Embracing rejuvenating routines for your skin is now a priority for many. And the shining star of this skincare obsession? IV Vitamin drips!

IV Vitamin drips are one of the best-kept beauty secrets in the industry. Not only are the ingredients used in IV Vitamin drips natural, well-balanced and effective but incredibly convenient. The largest organ on our bodies requires industry-leading care and VitaFuzion continues to rule this space. Our range of high-performing skin brightening routines trump many remedial skincare options and products on the market. These skincare wellness trends, therefore, continue to be spearheaded by IV Vitamin therapy.


2020 is all about self-reflection and self-care. Ensure that the start of the new decade begins with you prioritising yourself because at the end of the day your happiness lies in your overall health and wellness. Be a trendsetter in your household and community by advocating for these wellness trends and radically changing your life.