How to get back on track after the holidays

It is the start of the new year and many of us find ourselves stuck in a bit of a rut, especially after the holidays. Shaking off that holiday-mode feeling can be a difficult feat. But what’s most difficult is avoiding overthinking about the festive overindulgences. Instead of turning to extreme measures to undo the holiday damage, let’s start with some reasonable adjustments. Loosen up your jeans this new year with the following tips and tricks that will help you stay on track. 


1.       Lose the guilt

Whether you had one serving of Christmas cake or thirds, the damage is done. Acknowledge that you may have overdone it and that it is okay. It is the festive season after all. We all tend to overindulge during the holidays! Wallowing in guilt will only delay your weight-loss and lead to slip-ups. So, skip the self-pity and pouting and let’s get started.


2.       Set realistic, clear and well-defined goals

Its the end of the holidays and time to grab a piece of paper or your Notes app! Take time out to jot down your weight-loss goals for the year. Whether that is to reduce some of your curves or bring down your waist or thigh size. Remember that your goals need to be realistic. Setting unattainable goals will only leave you feeling disappointed and demotivated.

When looking to shape your body, be clear when defining what this means to you. This could mean having firmer legs, a slightly flatter stomach and more shapely arms. Be intentional and specific when detailing your body goals for the year.


3.       Get a friend to join you!

Get a friend or partner to join you in this fitness challenge! This will serve as a source of motivation and encouragement. It is also a great means of socialising. You will be able to push each other to achieve your weight-loss and fitness goals. Both of you will then be able to bask in the results together and what better way to celebrate your achievements than with those closest to you?


4.       Clean out your fridge

An important element of a lifestyle change is in the preparation. Starting with your immediate environment. We recommend reorganising your kitchen cupboards and fridge after the holidays. Remove any temptations that might derail your efforts. Skipping this step will make it difficult to stick to your nutritional pans. Avoid the torture and restructure your kitchen in a way that supports your goals.


5.       Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate again

Water is everything. It will help keep your hunger levels down and rid your body of post-holiday bloating. Not to mention how it will improve your overall health. Make sure that you are constantly drinking water throughout the day. Remember to have a glass of water before and after any meal. 

Not a fan of water? Try adding freshly cut fruits and mint to your water to naturally infuse a flavour. Make sure to also regularly book an IV Vitamin drip session that will help your hydration levels stay at an all-time high. Please note that these drips shouldn’t be used in place of consuming actual water – that is still a must!

6.       Don’t go and skip meals

The idea that skipping a meal means avoiding calories is false. You will probably end up consuming a greater amount of calories at your next meal. Your body and mind also do not appreciate meal skipping. In reaction, food is turned into fat in order to act as energy supplementation. Help your body after the holiday, by sticking to regular, well-balanced meals.


7.       Update your shopping habits and read nutritional labels

Creating a sustainable eating plan means education yourself. And that starts with reading nutritional labels on food packaging. Reading these labels will increase your nutritional knowledge. This information will help navigate your diet in the future by helping you better understand what foods correlate with your overall goals.


8.       Sleep: the key to success

Sleep irregularities and a lack of consistent and restorative rest will wreck your routine. This deprivation will create a hormonal imbalance and stimulate hunger-receptors. Try and get eight hours of sleep a day.

Keep in mind that the majority of the food that you consume should be had in the day. At night, opt for lighter meal options. Digesting large amounts of food before bed will not only keep you up but increase weight gain.


9.       Start snacking smart

Snacking is an important element of fitness and weight-loss. This is often the place where eating plans are derailed. More often than not we turn to chips and chocolates out of convenience. Readjust your approach to snacking and prepare in advance to avoid slip-ups.

Choose low-calorie snacks that are high in fibre and protein. This will keep you feeling fuller for longer. The classic sliced apples and tablespoon of peanut butter are a great option. Greek yoghurt with a few berries and nuts are also a nutritious snack option. The most important thing is to have fun and be creative with healthy snacks.


10.   Track your progress

Nothing feels better than seeing results. Don’t deprive yourself of this achievement. Take photos of yourself at the beginning of the year and journal your progress. This will help keep you motivated. Visual tracking is preferred over the number on the scale. Weight-loss is less about that number on that scale and more about a feeling.


11.   Book your VitaFuzion IV Vitamin drips

Ensure that throughout this entire journey and lifestyle change that you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals. Your regulatory system is always in dire need of these nutrients. With the exertion of extra energy and dietary adjustments, your body needs all the support that it can get.

Regularly receiving the VitaFuzion weightloss IV Vitamin drip will have you feeling energised, motivated and refreshed throughout the year. This IV Vitamin drip will also help your body avoid incessant cravings and high appetites that lead to binge eating. Kickstart your weight loss journey with this incredible IV drip option!


Getting back into routines and workflows can always feel a little difficult at first. Just when you started to feel the relaxation of the holidays you find yourself at your work desk. Make 2020 about sticking to a routine by employing these tips and tricks. This will have you embracing the new year in no time. You’ll be thanking us later!