How to avoid binge eating this festive season

It is officially the start of the festive season! This means holiday feasts, seasonal treats and festive parties. As exciting as this all is, this time of the year also means one thing: binge eating.

From stress eating holiday cookies to overeating at parties, December calls for healthier eating habits. The great news is that there are ways to keep your holiday season happy and healthy, without you having to skip dessert.

1.       Stay hydrated at all time 

We understand that you’re busy dashing from one festive event to the other. The thought of taking a break for water seems tedious, and a little unexciting. Water, however, will help the absorption and transportation of nutrients in the body. Drinking a few glasses of water throughout the day will also help you control your calorie intake. Aim for at least one glass of water before a meal – you’ll instantly feel a little fuller.

2.       Start all meals with either a salad or light soup

Holiday foods are generally a little heavier and richer than normal. This means an excessive amount of calories! By starting each meal with a light soup or salad you’ll be less likely to pile your plate. This is because your body will already acknowledge that it has received food. You will, therefore, be more inclined to have a smaller portion of food. 

Try to go for a lighter broth-based soup. Avoid heavier cream-based soups like butternut or potato soup that are packed with calories and will leave you feeling lethargic. 

3.       Go for the healthier options

This is not to say that you don’t deserve to treat yourself but try to keep it to a minimum. Make a conscious effort to limit the number of high fats you consume. This is done by practising your portion control. Be calm and rational and maybe replace a double scoop of stuffing for another spoon of greens? This will keep you fuller and less likely to go in for seconds … even thirds.

4.       Avoid mindless eating

There is nothing like festive banter at the table with family and friends. Only issue: you aren’t paying attention to the amount of food that you are consuming. Make sure to be cognizant of each bite and to fully chew. Then take a restorative break after each bite, which will help you avoid excess intakes. 

5.       Do not skip meals

More often than not, after a few festive events, the guilt starts to sink in. Most people will then try to avoid calories by skipping meals altogether. This is not a solution – trust us! You will most likely end up eating more than you typically do. Do not torture yourself by avoiding regular meals. It is all about eating in moderation.

6.       Avoid heading to parties hungry

It can be hard to resist a buffet of food when your stomach is empty. Eating a small, yet nutritious snack before the party will help ease your hunger. Meaning that you will most probably have smaller indulgences later.  These snacks can be a handful of peanuts, non-fat yoghurt or fruit. This will help you resist the urge to plough your way through the meal.

7.       Take time out

Did you know that on average it takes your brain 20 minutes to register that it is full? During this time, receptors are slowly informing the brain that it has received enough food by activating certain hormone signals. Not allowing your body time to recognise that it is full will only lead to overeating. So, take a second, chat to family and friends and allow your body time to register that it is, in actual fact, full. 

8.       Get enough sleep

For those of you socialites, this may seem like an unrealistic request. Hear us out. Did you know that sleep and binge eating are often directly linked? Getting into a healthy festive season sleeping pattern will help with overeating. Sleep plays a significant role in the hormones that regulate hunger. Without adequate rest, you are stimulating your appetite. 

9.       Adjust your thinking and your eating patterns will follow

It is important to note that everything starts in the mind. If you rehearse and plan your eating behaviours out, you will be able to better control it. Learn to control your thinking around certain foods and we promise that your eating habits will align; decreasing your chances of binge eating. 

10.   Get enough vitamins and minerals

Ensure that your regulatory systems are working at their optimal level this festive season. With the sleepless nights, festive stresses and exertion of extra energy, your body does need a little TLC. Give your body and mind the support that it needs by regularly receiving a VitaFuzion IV Vitamin drip. This will have you feeling energised, motivated and refreshed throughout the holidays. Our range will also help your body avoid incessant cravings and high appetites that lead to binge eating.


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