VitaFuzion: the ultimate pre-workout addition

It’s Spring, which means many of us are getting out of that winter slump and prepping for our summer bodies. It can, however, all be a little overwhelming. Especially with the gym memberships, health tips and supplement requirements. Embracing your new spring workout routine doesn’t have to be so daunting. Regular VitaFuzion sessions with our micronutrient filled IV Vitamin drips will help.



Micronutrients are a combination of essential vitamins and minerals. They are needed for efficient bodily functioning. Ignoring your body’s need for micronutrients will drastically impact the effectiveness of your workout.

Although micronutrients are essential to your overall health, they are particularly necessary when undergoing intense physical activities. Without micronutrients, your body is unable to regulate itself, speed up its recovery time or efficiently regulate your oxygen intake. Vitamins and minerals, therefore, facilitate the process of turning food into energy for your workout. To put it simply, your body is a machine and micronutrients are essentially the gears. 


 Why micronutrients are important  

Strenuous exercise is known to take a toll on your body; particularly on your recovery process. Intense physical activity requires micronutrients as your body continues to build lactic acid. Lactic acid is responsible for the fatigue and pain that you feel following a workout. Micronutrients will help mitigate this build-up.

Our pre-workout Full Throttle vitamin infusion, with adequate hydration, is the perfect addition to your workout. This will provide both your body and mind with the necessary support it needs to carry out these exercises.


Intravenous micronutrients

Delivering nutrients intravenously should be your ultimate fitness preparation. Our IV Vitamin drips will bypass your digestive system, providing you with almost 100% bioavailability. IV Vitamin treatment options are also a healthier option as oppose to hormones and products that have proved to have severe side effects. IV Vitamin drips are also immediate, seeing a quick and noticeable improvement in your overall performance.



Vitamins and minerals known to improve your workout

As a fitness enthusiast or athlete, you know that your body requires more micronutrients than the average person. Take particular note of the following supplements that will naturally optimize your performance and overall health.

  •         Vitamin C
  •         B Complex
  •         B12
  •         Glutathione
  •         Magnesium



  •         Naturally increases energy levels
  •         Improves circulation
  •         Reduces oxidative stress
  •         Promotes energy consumption
  •         Helps repair muscle tissue
  •         Reduces muscle fatigue
  •         Acts as metabolic support

IV Vitamin therapy has proved to be an effective and fast-working addition to all training routines. With hydrating, restorative and healing properties, our range is the perfect addition to your workout. We suggest booking a Full Throttle IV Vitamin drip session by clicking here

It is important to note that workouts and supplements must be considered within a healthy eating plan. Click here to book a consultation with our Nutri-vice dietician who will help you curate the perfect diet for your workout regimen!