Embracing your new Spring Skin

After months of frigid temperatures, dry indoor air and exposure to the harsh cold, your skin is definitely ready for a new seasonal skincare routine. Say goodbye to dreary, drab and dry skin and hello to your new hydrated Spring glow with VitaFuzion. 


Waking up your skin from winter hibernation

It is finally time to transition out of your intensive winter skincare routine into your Spring renewal routine. Winter is often a difficult season for our skin to adjust to. The combination of dry air and low humidity drastically extracts moisture from your skin. This can lead to bleeding, redness, peeling and cracking. 


The truth behind radiant skin

Great skin starts with good nutrition. It really is as simple as that. Employing a routine that nourishes your body will help you radiate that natural glow. Nutrition is essentially a reflection of your internal health. So, before you turn to the serums and cleansers, make sure that you are following a healthy diet. Your number one source for skin rejuvenation is found in various fruits and vegetables. This is because they are packed with hydrating and healing properties that will revitalise your skin. Our Nutri-Vice dietary service will help you curate the perfect meal plan for healthier-looking skin and improved overall health. 


Our top skin tips

1.      Hydration is everything

The most obvious way to transition your skincare routine is to hydrate. Although you should be following this step throughout the year, it is important to hydrate during these warmer days. Now, you want to maintain your skin’s moisture levels but not suffocate it. Turning to heavy balms, oils and moisturisers are often your go-to but this added grease will only clog your pores.

We suggest opting for lighter moisturisers or oils that your skin can easily absorb. The aim with a moisturiser is to lightly soothe, calm and hydrate your skin.


2.      Increase your antioxidant intake

Antioxidants are ideal when repairing and restoring your skin as they house various protective properties. The more antioxidants that your body absorbs the more effective it is. Your body is also able to restore it, adding to your protection whenever you need it.


3.      Energise your skin

Energising your skin requires boosting your collagen intake. Collagen will help reduce the visibility of fine lines, pigmentation and skin damage. It will also protect your skin from harsh and harmful UV rays this Spring! Collagen will therefore naturally brighten your skin, keeping it healthy and glowing.


4.      IV Vitamin therapy drips

In reality, many of us are not meeting our required amount of nutrients and vitamins. With our busy schedules and daily demands, relying on the nutrients found in our supplements and diets is unrealistic. 

Our range of IV Vitamin drips are perfect for people on-the-go. You can find comfort knowing that our range is a holistic approach to improved skin. VitaFuzion’s IV Vitamin therapy is packed with hydrating properties, antioxidants, collagen and various vitamins and minerals.

Beautiful skin begins from within, starting with natural cellular repair. Experience the benefits of fresh and hydrated skin by clicking here!