Vitamins and minerals: the cure to your PMS & menstrual cramps

If you’ve paid any attention when walking down the aisle of any pharmacy, you’ll notice one thing. That most supplements aim to fix one thing: PMS. With its bad rep, finding a cure for this monthly discomfort and pain can be quite difficult. Time to put those worries at bay, because VitaFuzion has the solution: minerals and vitamins.


What is menstruation and PMS?

Menstruation is the monthly shedding of the lining of a woman’s uterus resulting in the regular discharging of blood and musical tissue.

PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is the frequent feeling of discomfort, pain, mood swings, fatigue and cramping that is associated with a period. PMS affects 90% of menstruating women. Symptoms of PMS frequent between the times of ovulation and menstruation. In short, this is when the body undergoes oestrogen level shifts. The severity of PMS is dependent on your body’s ability to adapt to these changes.


Common signs and symptoms


          Abdominal cramping

          Breast tenderness

          Lower back pain



          Constipation or diarrhoea

          Emotional changes: mood swings and irritability


What causes PMS & menstrual cramps?

There is no straightforward explanation for the cause of PMS. Many people have attributed it to the changes in hormonal balances during menstruation. Symptoms can range from minor to debilitating.

In some cases, PMS has been attributed to nutritional or vitamin deficiencies. Regularly administering IV Vitamin drips will help reduce the effects of PMS. The use of IV drips will ensure that essential nutrients go straight to the bloodstream. This means immediate results! 

Ways to relieve menstrual cramps

  • Place a hot water bottle/ heating pad on your stomach or lower back
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication like Ibuprofen 
  • Sip on some Chamomile tea
  • Take a warm bath
  • Boost your feel-good endorphins by exercising


Crucial vitamins & minerals

If you are experiencing the symptoms of PMS, we suggest starting your day with vitamin therapy. Our drips will help ease pain and discomfort and boost your mood. The following vitamins and minerals have been known to act as a natural treatment option:


Calcium is crucial for strong and healthy bones. It is also instrumental in reducing the pain experienced during menstruation. This is because muscles are able to maintain their tone, easing the pressure of cramping.

Vitamin B

This vitamin lowers inflammation that causes discomfort. Incessant inflammation has been known to increase cramping, lower back pain and bloating. Vitamin B will help mitigate this!


Magnesium will often reduce menstrual pain. If you suffer from tenderness in your breasts, water retention and bloating then magnesium is for you. Research has shown that this mineral is beneficial in reducing the severity of these symptoms.

*All of these nutrients are found in our IV Vitamin drip range.

IV Vitamin therapy is a supportive therapy option for PMS and cramps. This is the best means of bodily replenishment. Coping with these monthly symptoms can get a little easier – just click here!