Meet Nutri-Vice, VitaFuzion’s new dietary service

What is Nurti-Vice?

After discovering the need for personalised nutritional plans, VitaFuzion can now formally introduce Nutri-Vice. This is our brand-new dietary division that curates personalised dietary plans for you. They will help combat chronic fatigue, weight loss, pregnancy meal plans or improve your overall health.

Our dietician will educate you on all things food. From choosing the most nutritional option, to what you should be snacking on. This will help boost your overall energy and positively contribute to your mental health.


Meet your dietician

Meet Juanita Singh, our new incredibly qualified senior dietician at Nutri-Vice. With over 10 years’ experience, Juanita has earned her place as a veteran in the dietic industry. Juanita’s interests include and are not limited to weight loss, metabolic conditions, nephrology and paediatric dietetics.

Juanita is a regular writer for numerous health-related publications. She is actively involved in educational talks and workshops. This is where she explains how dietetics can be used as a tool to combat illnesses and diseases.


What is nutritional therapy?

Nutritional therapy is care facilitated by a well-balanced diet plan. This is also where various tools are used to identify and assess potential imbalances. Nutritional therapy also includes exploring individual health concerns. Help support your body and mind by undergoing nutritional therapy. 


Benefits of having a dietician

          Is applicable to all ages, races and genders

          Provides assistance in meal planning, food journaling and grocery shopping

          Helps manage chronic diseases

          Educates you about potential food allergies and harmful toxins found in food


What is the process?

Step 1

You will undergo an Anthropometric measurement. This is where your height and weight will be measured.

Step 2

Your food history and a frequency audit will be taken. This is aimed at calculating your necessary kilojoule intake. Your existing medical conditions will also be addressed. 

*Cultural and religious eating patterns are considered.

Step 3

This is where a discussion circled around food will take place. With your permission, Juanita will then go through your grocery lists and cupboard with you.

Step 4

Personalised dietary guidelines will be given to you. This is following a thorough consultation. Individualised recipes can then also be sent upon request.

Step 5

Regular follow-ups will take place at this stage. This is also where your weight loss, exercises routines and measurements will be taken. 

Experience the highest quality of nutritional care by clicking here and booking your session with Juanita.