Why your body (and workplace) needs VitaFuzion

We currently live in a cutthroat dog eat dog world. Especially in the corporate environment. Given the nature of the workplace, productivity literally pays. Companies are even known to give raises, bonuses and promotions to employees that demonstrate cost-effective productivity.

So how can you increase your office productivity? By introducing monthly IV Vitamin drip sessions at your workplace!


Benefits of IV Vitamin drips


Reduces the presence of office illnesses

This may seem a little obvious, but it must be said: you’re more productive if you aren’t sick! If you’re someone who frequently gets sick, this means you are more likely to take more sick days. Your work will suffer the consequences. Make sure that your health is prioritised to ensure that you are also not spreading your illnesses throughout the office.


Energy and concentration 

With our busy schedules, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet. Instead, we’re turning to the vending machine or unhealthy canteen options. This means that your body isn’t getting enough magnesium; hence the exhaustion and inability to concentrate.

Drop the energy drinks and protein bars. Your body needs a long-term solution and its VitaFuzion’s magnesium packed IV Vitamin drips. See improvements in both your energy and concentration. This will help you push through your workload … without the mid-afternoon sugar crash.



In order to keep up with the pace of the corporate jungle, you’ve got to be strong. There really isn’t a better way to increase your strength than with Glutathione. Your body isn’t accustomed to sitting at a desk for long periods of time. This is why you have that incessant back pain, questionable posture and wrist cramping.

Taking breaks to rub your back, roll your wrists and work through the pain is incredibly distracting. This makes it harder to get work done. Our drips will help strengthen your bones and increase blood flow to nerves and joints.  


Blood Flow

Ever feel incredibly stiff after a day of work? As if your body is cramping from a marathon that you didn’t actually run. This is most often a result of a lack of blood flow. All of the vitamin B’s are crucial in the pumping of blood cells. So, make sure that you’re getting enough of this vitamin. We also suggest taking frequent breaks. Maybe take a quick lap around the office?


Don’t let the stresses of work show themselves physically. Your health is everything. Make sure that you allow your body time to heal, rejuvenate and recharge. The lack of sleep, lack of sun exposure and poor nutrition harm our minds and bodies.

Our IV Vitamin drips will have you feeling rejuvenated in no time. They will contribute to your productivity, motivation and overall energy. It will also help reduce the visibility of wrinkles, frown lines, pigmentation (yes those dark circles under your eyes) and bring out your inner radiance.

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