The Vitamin Deficiency Guide

We all know that our bodies require vitamins and minerals to function. However, how do you know that your body is receiving the correct amounts of these nutrients? There are many tell-tale signs of a vitamin deficiency. Keep reading for the ultimate guide to understanding and preventing vitamin deficiencies.


What is a vitamin deficiency?

Vitamin deficiencies are caused by a lack of vitamins. A primary deficiency is caused by a low vitamin intake. A secondary deficiency is caused by underlying disorders. This includes issues such as malabsorption.

Necessary micronutrients are often missing from our diets. Ignoring your body’s need for nutrients will hinder your body’s development. Studies prove that many conditions can be treated or prevented by regularly ingesting vitamins.


Importance of vitamins and minerals

Research shows that the body cannot rely solely on the nutrients from food. This is because of the components found in food influencing the strength of vitamins. This means that it will not have the same effects as taking a supplement. Supplements work in isolation, increasing its impact.



Common vitamin deficiencies

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps form healthy skin. It is also responsible for eye pigmentation related to vision. A deficiency of this nature contributes to impaired vision, delayed growth and skin-related issues.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin. It plays a role in nerve and brain functioning and blood formation. A lack of Vitamin B12 will make you more susceptible to Anemia, damaged nerve issues and lightheadedness. 


Magnesium is a key mineral. It is essential for teeth and bone structure. Magnesium is involved in over 300 enzyme reactions. Signs of a magnesium deficiency include fatigue, migraines, heart irregularities and insomnia.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is responsible for the production of hormones, collagen and amino acids. It also boasts healing properties, immunity support and increased iron absorption. Vitamin C deficiencies are often seen in the form of easy bruising, fatigue and swollen joints.


Every cell in the body requires calcium. It plays a role in all bone maintenance. It is also a signalling molecule that signals your heart, nerves and muscles. Calcium deficiency symptoms include osteoporosis, brittle nails and numbness in hands and feet.


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