Celebrities using IV Vitamin Therapy drips

From our favourite movie stars and Instagram fitness enthusiasts, celebrities have become major fans of IV Vitamin Therapy Treatments. Whether it’s prior to walking the red carpet or before an intense workout many of our famous favourites swear by the power of vitamin and mineral-infused IV drips. 


Possible reasons why Celebs are using IV Vitamin drips:

  1. They are always travelling and may not remember to pack their daily multivitamins
  2. Their schedules are incredibly demanding – requiring them to function in a high-paced environment with little sleep and proper nutrition
  3. They cannot afford to fall ill or victim to a low immune system
  4. It’s required of them to show up 100% of the time
  5. Their careers depend on their longevity, youthfulness and appearance 
  6. The therapy can be administered on-the-go in a very little amount of time


The secret behind that celeb glow (probably)

Even though IV Vitamin Therapy has been around since the ’50s, the celebrity wellness craze helped put holistic health back in the spotlight! It may sound like a work of fiction, but this quick and easy procedure really does restore your youthful glow. Our intravenous concoction promises to stimulate energy, ward off illness and hydrate your skin. What more could you want?


Celebs obsessing over IV vitamin infusions


  1.       Adele

When she sang her popular lyric “hello from the outside” she was most likely referring to that glow that we’re oh so familiar with. The Rolling in the Deep singer used IV Vitamin drips to help her through her eight-night performance at the LA Staples Centre.


  1.       Cindy Crawford

The iconic and timeless beauty that is Cindy Crawford has been rumoured to be one of the many celebs hooked up to an IV Vitamin drip. Beyond ungodly genetics, she swears by the power of good health and invested time in your skincare habits.



  1.       Jane Fonda

It’s safe to say that we’re all obsessed with the Academy Award-winning actress. Amongst all of her accolades, her ability to age flawlessly has us in awe. So what’s her secret?  According to the legendary actress, she relies on the help of hydrating IV Vitamin drips. Often seen as an ageing specialist, whatever Jane says go.


  1.       Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

This is the epitome of couples that IV drip together stay together. For those of you that follow Chrissy on Twitter (if you don’t, get on it!) you’d know that she loves sharing her beauty secrets with her 11.4 million followers. One of them? IV Vitamin drips. The model posts photos of her receiving the treatment with husband John Legend. IV Vitamin drips help bolster his immune system to fight against infection before his shows.



  1.       Rihanna

The multi-millionaire mogul broke the internet when she posted a photo of herself hooked up to an IV Vitamin drip. She claims that they are great for people that are always on the move. So the excuse that you’re ‘too busy’ has now been cancelled … If Rihanna has time to prioritise her health, then so do you.  


  1.       Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello

After this ridiculously good-looking couple tied the knot in a lavish Florida ceremony, the couple reportedly set up IV Vitamin stations for guests to help them recover from their weekend-long hangovers.

Types of nutrients and vitamins found in VitaFuzion

  •       Vitamin C – Boosts your immune systems and wards off viruses and flu
  •       Vitamin B – Increases attention span, energy and focus
  •       Amino Acids – Enhances brain health
  •       Magnesium – Protects and nourishes cells in the body and acts as a recovery aid
  •       Glutathione – An anti-ageing, antioxidant treatment


IV Vitamin therapy does not have to be a luxury for the rich and famous. We have carefully crafted a range of drips that will have you living a happier and healthier life. Book your IV Vitamin drip here.