VitaFuzion: The natural fertility booster

Taking the plunge into parenthood is an incredible journey and experience. However, in reality, even the slightest stressor can hinder your ability to conceive. Help your fertility journey by ensuring that your body and mind remain healthy with the help of VitaFuzion.


Importance of vitamins and minerals

There are many mitigating factors that contribute to our body’s ability to carry a child. These factors include your age, sperm count and ovulation. However, you cannot overlook the importance of a healthy body, mind and organs. Improving your health, therefore, means ensuring that your body is receiving enough vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

Relying solely on your diet to consume these vitamins and minerals is often not enough. The use of our IV Vitamin Therapy drips will ensure that your body absorbs the necessary amount of nutrients’, especially when you are trying to get pregnant. You should be increasing your vitamin intake at least 3 months before trying to conceive.


How will IV Vitamin drips help your fertility?

VitaFuzion essentially facilitates all physiological needs by safeguarding all organs; making sure that they work at their optimal level. Our range will increase the functionality and health of your body; contributing to your ability to successfully conceive.



  •         Reduces stress
  •         Increased libido
  •         Improved sperm and egg quality
  •         Increase in energy
  •         Blood circulation
  •         Cell strengthening
  •         Tissue repair


Vitamins and minerals known to contribute to fertility

  •         Vitamin C
  •         Vitamin B complexes
  •         Calcium
  •         Amino Acids

*All of which can be found in our IV Vitamin Therapy drips and boosters!


We know that falling pregnant can be incredibly exhausting. Both mentally and physically. Allow VitaFuzion to facilitate your fertility journey by prepping your body to become the perfect fertile ground for your little bundle of joy. Click here to book a consultation.