9 facts about Vitamin C you never knew

We’ve all been there before: overindulging in oranges. Particularly whenever we have a cold, because we were told as kids that they are packed with vitamin C. This vitamin is even the most searched vitamin on the internet! That’s because it has a plethora of benefits

Our top facts

  1.     Vitamin C is naturally produced in most animals and plants. Humans, however, do not produce this essential vitamin. We, therefore, ingest it either through supplements or our diets.
  2.     Looking to strengthen your immune system? Especially during the colder winter season? Then this vitamin is your new best friend. This powerful antioxidant is the perfect cold prevention tool.
  3.     Vitamin C plays a fundamental role in the production of collagen. Collagen helps slow down physical signs of ageing. This includes sagging and wrinkling. It also assists the strengthening and repairing of cartilage, bones and tendons.
  4.     It is great brain food. This supplement helps your brain produce a specific hormone, called a neurotransmitter. It strengthens cognitive memory and functioning.
  5.    Adding a sufficient amount of vitamin C will improve your cardiovascular health. The vitamin acts to lower your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood vessel constrictions.
  6.      This incredible vitamin is water-soluble. This means that your body will naturally absorb that which it needs and release the rest. Ensuring that your body gets the necessary amount of the vitamin.
  7.     We know that oranges are our go-to vitamin C of choice. However, there are an array of fruits and vegetables that are packed with vitamin. This includes strawberries broccoli, kale and guavas to name a few.
  8.     Many experts say that we do not get enough of this vitamin from our diets. They, therefore, recommend that we take relevant supplements.

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