Prevention is better than cure: the misuse of Adderall

The fast-paced nature of our lives often means we crave instant relief. This solution is often in the form of the chemical stimulant, Adderall. Used to treat attention deficits, stress and narcolepsy, it has proven to be a controversial option. 

It has been intended as a prescribed medicinal treatment for ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder). It has, however, rapidly become a popular quick study aid and motivational fix. This has led to the widespread misuse of Adderall. This includes Ritalin and Concerta. These abuses have led to a national health fear as Adderall-induced horror stories emerge.

 misuse of Adderall

Effects of Ritalin and Concerta

The drug has come under fire after researchers found an increase in the ADHD prescription rates. This has led to the prevalence of the condition and its abuse. Misuse of Adderall has resulted in detrimental health effects including:

misuse of Adderall

  • Chronic panic attacks
  • Cardiac toxicity
  • Dependency/addiction
  • Tremors
  • Anxiety

Let’s go natural

The harmful effects of prescription drugs have left a gap in the medical market. This gap calls for natural Adderall alternatives. VitaFuzion continues to dominate this space. This creates a renewed sense of awareness about the importance of adopting healthier lifestyles.

VitaFuzion provides a natural remedy for your mental and physical health. With minimal side effects, increased focus and concentration. This vitamin-infused IV drip is the rejuvenation biochemical you never knew you needed.

Its other benefits include:

    • Improved metal energy levels
    • Increased attention spans
    • Mental cognition
    • Immune system strengthening

Like its prescribed medicinal counterparts, VitaFuzion IV drips have cognitive benefits. They enhance alertness, interacts with the natural serotonin productions in the body. The IV drips work to boosts neuron communications.

misuse of Adderall

VitaFuzion’s Adderall Alternatives

misuse of Adderall

With a range of products aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles, the Full Throttle drip is an ideal option. Consisting of a Myer’s cocktail and 2000mg of glutathione, its a great alternative to Adderall. It’s packed natural ingredients, amino acids and vitamins. Your energy will be boosted, keeping you focused and functioning.

The Luminance drip is the perfect rejuvenation therapy session. It will alleviate fatigue, rid your body of toxins and replenish vitamins. 

The VitaFuzion range incorporates the most advanced techniques. This ensures your best quality of care.  It will enhance your energy, endurance and mood naturally. We have a variety of IV vitamin therapy treatments. They will help combat various symptoms and ailments.