The Convenience of IV Vitamin Therapy

We know that trying to balance life with work can become overwhelming and stressful. Not to mention trying to ensure that your health and wellness is taken care of in the midst of this. This is when a multivitamin becomes essential to ensure your immune system is strong and your energy levels are high. A Vitafuzion IV Vitamin Therapy Treatment is what’s missing from your health and wellness routine. With all of the inconveniences life can offer, we offer simple and quick treatments right to your front door.

Our ServicesIV Vitamin Therapy

Our IV vitamin therapy treatments are available from Dis-Chem pharmacies nationwide, simply contact Dis-Chem on 086 111 7427 to find out about availability at a Dis-Chem near you. Or simply make an appointment at one of the establishments we are in collaboration with. These establishments are;

While you pamper your outside aesthetic, we focus on revitalising and rejuvenating your body from the inside out. This is convenience at its best – sit back and relax while you’re completely taken care of.   

Not only are our treatments available from Dis-Chem or from our collaborations but we also offer a mobile service for any of clients in Johannesburg. Our certified nurses will come straight to your front door and safely administer the IV vitamin therapy treatment best suited to your needs. You can contact our mobile-service to go where you need us – at home, at work, whatever is easier for you, we will be there.

At Home

Keeping everyone in your family healthy is hard work, especially if one person in your house is sick – everyone then gets sick. Here are a few helpful tips on keeping everyone in your house as healthy as possible;

  • Wash your hands
  • Teach your kids NOT to share
  • Brush up on bathroom etiquette
  • Keep the kitchen clean
  • Eat well – nutritious and wholesome
  • Get monthly IV vitamin therapy treatments

Throw away your multivitamins and let our IV vitamin therapy treatments take care of the vitamins your body is craving. A monthly IV vitamin therapy treatment will ensure that you and your family feel ready to take on the day – every day. Your family’s health and wellness is not only your priority but ours too. We want you and your family feeling healthy and energised so that everyday tasks like going to work or school are a breeze instead of an energy-draining chore.

Invite us into your home for the benefit of your entire family. We have a variety of IV vitamin therapy treatments that are suitable for various symptoms. Visit our website to fill out the screening form and we will be in touch.  

At Work

The stress of balancing your clients with your kids, or your monthly reports with keeping your immune system in check. Life throws us many curveballs every day but how you handle it makes all the difference. Our suggestions on how to have a healthy, balanced life include;

  • Prioritise your day
  • Learn to say no
  • Create more family time
  • Set clear goals – both short and long-term
  • Have a physical outlet
  • Re-energise with our IV vitamin therapy treatments

By adding an IV vitamin therapy treatment into your monthly routine, you will ensure you have the means to effectively live a balanced life. Our treatments will leave you feeling energised, rejuvenated and will give your immune system the kick it needs. Take the opportunity to supercharge every day.

Our mobile-service is able to come to your offices and offer you and your employees the IV vitamin therapy treatment that suits their needs. This will increase the productivity levels in the office while increasing morale. Your employees will feel like they have the ability to get more done with the increase in energy they will receive. Our mobile-service will take a mundane workday to the next level – something you won’t regret. Simply visit our website to make a booking for your next employee wellness day.

Our services ensure that you’re able to receive our treatments at your convenience because your health and wellness is our priority. Let us help you take your health up a notch.