Busted! 10 IV Vitamin Therapy Myths

IV Vitamin Therapy Myths

We dive into the most popular IV Vitamin Therapy myths and explore what is true and debunk what is false.

IV Vitamin therapy is the act of administering vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. It has become an incredibly popular treatment known for the many benefits it has and the wide variety of ailments it can help with.

Even with all the known benefits of IV Vitamin therapy, there are many myths around the treatments. Many non-believers take pride in spreading these myths with possibly very little knowledge behind the treatment and how it works. We are outlining the top 10 myths we have found and will ensure they’re busted by the end of this article.

Top 10 myths we’re busting

Not Safe

  • FACT: Administered by registered medical professionals.

This is not an experimental or dangerous treatment. It is a very safe and simple process that uses the same quality ingredients used in hospitals around the world. Some people experience very small adverse reactions to the treatment but these are brief and manageable reactions.

Ingesting vitamins orally is the same as IV Vitamin Therapy

  • FACT: IV Vitamin Therapy goes straight into your bloodstream.

Ingesting vitamins (via pills or through food) orally means they have to digest and go through the gastrointestinal tract which is a lengthy process and many of the nutrients can be lost during the digestive process. With IV Vitamin Therapy, the vitamins go straight into your bloodstream which means you can get the full effects of the nutrients at a much quicker rate.

Too Painful

  • FACT: Nothing more than a pinprick.

The entire treatment is as painful or even less than simply donating blood. The vitamins and minerals already exist in your body. We merely boost them – this means that there are no adverse or unnatural toxins entering your body – therefore there should be little to no pain from the treatment.

Only need one treatment

  • FACT: You can’t go to the gym once and be fit – consistency is key.

This is not a ‘one and done’ type of procedure. We do offer treatments meant for a one-time ‘cure’ – the IV Vitamin Therapy specifically created to help with a hangover, for example. But IV vitamin therapy as a practice is focused on maintaining optimal levels of nutrients in the body. Regular IV Vitamin Therapy treatments ensure your vitamins and nutrients are adequately maintained. Without the proper amount of nutrients, our bodies can’t perform essential mental and physical functions. IV vitamin therapy treatment is a reliable way to ensure that you’re not missing out on essential nutrients your body craves.

Unnecessary for people with healthy lifestyles

  • FACT: The incredible benefits only enhance a healthy lifestyle.

Adding IV Vitamin Therapy to an already existing healthy lifestyle is an added bonus. The treatments we offer are specifically geared towards certain needs your body may have. This includes fatigue, colds or even a chronic illness – you can benefit from any of the IV Vitamin therapy treatments available.

Too expensive

  • FACT: Prevention is better and cheaper than cure. The number of vitamins you need to take orally can be more expensive than just one IV vitamin treatment.

IV vitamin therapy treatments are affordable for most budgets since they are most effective when done regularly. By regularly administering these treatments – you are able to prevent many illnesses, as well as aid chronic illnesses. By preventing these ailments, you won’t have to spend copious amounts of money trying to cure them.

Takes too long

  • FACT: The entire procedure can take up to only 30 minutes.

The treatment doesn’t take longer than 30 minutes and we ensure you’re in a safe, comfortable environment with our professional medical staff. Besides, the benefits far outweigh the time it takes.

You don’t need to monitor the amount of vitamin intake

  • FACT: You can have too much of a good thing.

People often think that just because something is called a vitamin it can’t hurt you. With some vitamins and minerals, over-dosing can cause toxicity and damage to your body. This is why we monitor what your needs are, what is given to you and how your body reacts to this. We provide a detailed screening. This eliminates the chances of you causing any harm to yourself by taking vast amounts of vitamins.

Diseases don’t respond to these treatments

  • FACT: Treatments prevent colds and flu and have shown to aid chronic diseases.

We would never suggest that IV Vitamin therapy is a ‘cure-all’ but there are many studies that outline the benefits of administering vitamins and minerals intravenously. The National Cancer Institute reports that breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy who received intravenous (IV) vitamin C had a better quality of life and fewer side effects than those who did not receive it.

Fibromyalgia patients report having reduced symptoms due to IV treatment. Fibromyalgia Researcher David Katz, MD says that about four out of every five people with fibromyalgia who received an IV treatment of vitamin B, vitamin C, and other nutrients helps ease some of their symptoms, including pain and fatigue. While research on the effects of IV nutrient treatment managing chronic illnesses must continue, it is very promising for enhancing the overall quality of life.

Isn’t proven to work

  • FACT: Medical studies have proved the benefits of IV Vitamin therapy.

Vitamins play an integral role in the function of our bodies. Functional medicine is not some kind of alternative way of curing illnesses, but rather, it looks at the cause of things, rather than the symptoms.

Very often, nutritional deficiencies that have been left unchecked for long periods of time are the cause of acute and chronic illnesses. In these cases, IV vitamin therapy will get your body rebalanced as quickly and efficiently as possible. Many studies highlight the success and benefits of IV vitamin therapy. Ultimately you need to decide for yourself how you want to make your health a priority.

These are merely 10 of the biggest myths we’ve encountered. This serves to debunk these myths and enables you to have all the knowledge behind IV vitamin therapy to ensure it is the right decision for you and your needs.