Which Vitamins Should I Take With Me This Holiday?


A guide to staying healthy and happy while you’re on the go this holiday season

You know the feeling when you think you may need a holiday after your holiday to recover? For most people, holidays are a time to relax, kick back and take a break, but they can also be stressful in their own way. Organising a family trip down to the coast, packing the car, making sure the whole family is organised and prepared to go is a job on its own. Nevermind making sure everyone gets a healthy meal in before the journey. Regardless of where you are going this holiday, making sure your body is getting the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals is important to combat the overindulgence and prevent getting sick during your time off. Here are the vitamins you’ll need:

Vitamin B

Your holiday may feature a few extra activities like walking, hiking or cycling. You’ll want the energy to do all these fun-filled, adventurous things, but after a long year of working hard, it may seem impossible. A Vitamin B booster before the holiday will help you start your holiday energised and ready for action!

Vitamin C

The benefits of getting in plenty of Vitamin C this holiday are numerous. Not only will you boost your bodies immunity to help you fight any infections that may come along, but it will also:

  • Helps to reduce the amount of time your body takes to adjust to a particularly hot environment. This is beneficial for the elevated heat of the summer, and even more so, the heat at sea-level.
  • It can also reduce the likelihood of heat-related ailments, such as heat rash and heat exhaustion.

Since you probably won’t be getting in lots of healthy fruits and vegetables(we won’t judge – it is, after all, holiday time) your body won’t get as much vitamin C from your diet. Summer can also bring with it allergens – and the last thing you need is to have the sniffles while you sunbathe. Supplement enough vitamin C, and you can safely enjoy getting in your holiday dose of Vitamin D from the sunshine.


If there’s one vitamin you absolutely should not miss out on, even during your break, it’s magnesium. You’ll probably stop at a few garages on your way down to the coast and enjoy a greasy garage pie or two. Or, you’ll have enough ice-cream on the beach to make everyone scream. Let’s not even mention the beachside cocktails and late night binges. It’s all fun and games until the tummy troubles and headaches hit you. Help your body prepare with natures go-to remedy – magnesium. When you supplement magnesium, even your sleep will improve – which is something we could all use.

Get them all before you go

Don’t want to travel with a box of pills while you head down to the beach? Neither do we, which is why there’s a quick and easy solution – the Myer’s Cocktail. A Myer’s Cocktail is a combination of all the vitamins your body needs, injected into your body through IV Vitamin Therapy. It’s the fastest way to get everything your body needs before the holiday rush. If you’re looking to start your holiday off the right way, contact us now