Has Our Nutrition Changed?

Are you getting enough nutrients with all the processed and genetically modified food on your plate?

Food has changed drastically over the years and is still changing today to meet the needs of our growing population. As a continent, we are moving further away from fresh, locally farmed foods to ‘food’ injected with hormones and antibiotics – food that goes through a lot of processing before it is packaged for convenient consumption.

Chemical fertilisers, pesticides and poor soil quality are all causes of nutrient depletion. 

How much has our food really changed?

100 years ago food was left to evolve and mature naturally over time. This allowed it to become more nutritious and flavourful. If a fruit or veg was not in season it was not consumed (unless dried out). The animals we consumed ate a natural diet and roamed free. This gave us more nutritional meat and dairy products. Food contained natural fats and flavours, and when people wanted to stay healthy or lose weight, they typically ate the right amounts. 

The whole process from start to finish was taken with great care. People had more time and fewer resources. Each step of the harvest was carefully prepared, enjoyed and appreciate.

Things began to change after the 1950s when the idea of shortcuts and faster foods became the norm. Food was no longer considered unavailable at certain times of the year. It could now be imported and genetically modified to fit the needs of consumers.

The food made today is ‘designed’ to fit our desire for convenience. Our food is heated, frozen, refined and layered with preservatives to improve taste and shelf life. Even the meat we eat today is riddled with problems, from the antibiotics to artificial growth hormones. 

Our whole way of eating has changed too – for most of us, it’s no longer a regular sit-down meal. We are always eating on the go and looking more for convenience than nutrition. We have moved away from mindful eating and have become more mindless.


The effects of processed and genetically modified foods (GMO’s)

Preservative rich foods are high in unnatural sugars, refined carbohydrates, trans fats, and artificial ingredients. These can be highly addictive. Usually, diets high in processed foods mean that less real food is being consumed. This results in the body becoming deficient in affecting your physical and emotional health.

According to an article from Medical News Today, Synthetic vitamins and minerals are added to the foods. This is to compensate for the nutrition that was lost during processing. However, synthetic nutrients are NOT a good replacement for the nutrients found in whole foods”

Some of the effects of highly modified foods:

  • Digestive problems
  • Fertility problems
  • Damage to your organs
  • Promotes ageing
  • Rapid spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Increased food allergies
  • Immune malfunction
  • Increase in free-radicals

The solution?

Everywhere we look there are foods are packed with ingredients we have never heard of. We are lacking nutrient-dense and pure. There are a couple of ways we can avoid these unhealthy foods.  It means stepping away from convenience and taking the time to source locally, naturally produced foods.  

How we can help

The goal of our IV Nutrition Therapy is to help you identify your dietary needs and areas you may be lacking proper nutrition. By injecting nutrients back into the body, we are able to help kick start your bodies necessary vitamin and mineral levels.

There is no simple solution to stay away from every bad food. However, there are ways we can improve our health as it not only needs it to function but deserves it. Book now to boost your health.